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The fall season is officially here and so are the parties, the weddings and the festivities you're going to attend. If you're looking for the ultimate outfit for a night out or a party the blazer is the item you need, as it can automatically elevate your whole look. You can wear it with a t-shirt for an everyday look or with a shirt for a more formal attire. Think of it, menswear have never become so chic! 
Leopard or all-time-classic black choose the one that fits your wardrobe! I found a whole collection of blazers, you can check them all out Here. Rosegal is the ultimate destination for the latest fashion trends and there you can also find a shirt or a t-shirt to combine with your blazer. Here are the top 5 blazers that I suggest for the new season:

One Button Flounce High Low Blazer. Click here to buy at

Punk Style Sequined Blazer. Click here to buy at

Lapel Leopard Blazer. Click here to buy at

One Button Blazer. Click here to buy at

Collarless Floral Printed Blazer. Click here to buy at

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?
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Time for a new outfit!

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